STANLEY is the longest established and largest hand tool manufacturer in the world.

Since 1843, STANLEY has become a leading name in hand tool industry; we've set the standard for excellence in everything we do. No company on earth has a stronger or more compelling history of delivering the hardworking, powerful and innovational tools that help professionals, tradesmen and consumers around the world.

Whether you're a retailer looking for the best quality products to offer your customers, or a skilled user looking for the best tools, STANLEY is here to serve you.

  • The Stanleyworks, originally a bolt and door hardware manufacturing company located in New Britain, Connecticut; was founded in 1843 by Frederick T. Stanley
  • Stanley introduced hammers
  • Miter box were introduced
  • STANLEY’s fleet of Rollorama coaches carried more than 1,300 sample items to retailers
  • Time Magazine published a cover story titled "Do-It-Yourself-The New Million Dollar Hobby" . STANLEY was ideally positioned to benefit from this trend and quickly developed products for this new market.
  • The Power Lock Tape Rule represented STANLEY as a part of Apollo 11s Lunar Landing Gear.
  • The Stanleyworks was presented the American Eagle Award from the American Supply & Machinery Manufactures 'Associ .Inc' for iets "Unusual across-the-board quality"
  • STANLEY acquires Facom industrial hand and mechanics tools.
  • STANLEY launches automotive line & white series short meter.
  • Began to manufacture ivory and boxwood rules
  • STANLEY Rule & Level Company establised by Henry Stanley begins to manufacture levels and squares
  • STANLEY began manufacturing screwdrivers and hand planes
  • Rules & Level is the largest manufacturer of planes and related tools in the world
  • The STANLEY Rule and Level Company merged with The Stanley Works to become it’s famous Hand Tools Division
  • STANLEY manufactured it’s first utility knife
  • STANLEY filed a patent for the ratcheting screwdriver
  • STANLEY made the first steel tape rule
  • Henry Phillips, inventor of Phillips head screw choose STANLEY as the first company to begin making Phillips screwdrivers
  • STANLEY opens the largest hand tool plant the world in New Britain, CT. The same year the Powerlock Tape Rule was introduced.
  • STANLEY began producing manual staplers
  • STANLEY goes into plastic storage business, including tool boxes.
  • STANLEY launches the FatMax Tape Rule and the FatMax Anti Vibe Hammer.
  • STANLEY re-introduces Sweetheart planes.
  • STANLEY launches Carbide blades.
  • The STANLEY 19" Metal Toolbox Wins a Good Design Award for 2014
  • STANLEY launches STANLEY branded power tools & accessory lines