SCL-D - Beam self-levelling cross line laser with plumb

Features & Benefits

  • Magnetically dampended pendulum
  • Out of true level sensor
  • Pendulum lock for safe transportation
  • Project 2 beams : 1 vertical and 1 plumb
  • Projects 1 horizontal and 1 vertical line to create a cross line (V:130° / H:130°)
  • Pulsed beam mode allows operation outdoors in combination with the detector (supplied)
  • Runs on 3 x AA batteries (supplied)
  • Working environment : Interior / Exterior use
  • Working range 30m (spot) / 15m (line) - up to 50m with a detector
Horizontal lineVertical linePlumb up/down dotCross Line + Plumb dot
  • Specifications
  • Applications
Type (dot/line/rotary)
Leveling TypeSelf
Accuracy (dot)0,2mm@1m
Accuracy (line/rotary)0,2mm@1m
Compensation Range± 4°
Leveling Time≤ 3s
Working Range15m (L) / 30m (D)
Working Range / with detector50m
Batteries (Alkaline unless otherwise noted)3 x AA
Battery Life (all lasers on)10 hrs
Operating Temperature-10°C > 50°C
IP RatingIP54
Screw Thread for Adapter1/4
Beam colorRed
Number of Beams2
Beam DirectionUp/Down
Number of Lines2
Line Directions (Vertical/Horizontal)V/H
Laser ClassClass 2
Laser Diode(s)635nm
Pulse Mode
Manual Mode
WarrantyRefer to the service page
Plumbing installation
Electrical Installation
Installing suspended ceilings
Installing suspended ceilings
Overhead lighting
Multipoint alignment
Tracks and Plumb lighting
Partition walling
Electrical layout
Trunking and pipework
Kitchen installation
Bathroom installation
Dado Rails
Interior decorating