S300 - Stanley stud finder S300

Features & Benefits

  • Detects wood/metal studs up to 38mm
  • LCD display with centre finder
  • Audio / visual live AC detection alert
Detects live AC cablesDetects stud edges (backlight)Detects stud centres (backlight)Detects Wood / ferrous and nonferrous metals
  • Specifications
  • Applications
Wood & metal stud detection38mm max
AC live wire detection51mm max
AC visual & audio alert
Scan mode
Scan mode - ferrous metal detection75mm max
Scan mode - non-ferrous metal & copper detection38mm max
Scan mode - AC detection51mm max
Detects stud edges-
Detects stud centres
Marking channel LED-
Display typeScreen
Battery type9v
Overhead lighting
Kitchen installation
Bathroom installation
Interior decorating