Abrasives Wheels

Features & Benefits

  • More abrasive grains per blade, faster cutting action and smoother cutting pace
  • Active grain structure, provides optimum grinding interaction between the blade and workpiece
  • Phenolic resins of the highrest quality which include active agents for: Optimum blade life, clean, and fast cuts without overheating
  • Premium fiber glass meshes on each blade for greater strength and safety
SKU Thickness (mm)Diameter (mm)TypeApplicationBore size (mm)GradeMax. RPMUnit Packs
STA0414 618027Grinding22.2Metal850010
STA0415 623027Grinding22.2Metal660010
STA4500 610027Grinding16Metal1375025
STA4502A 612527Grinding22.2Metal1100025
STA4503A 615027Grinding22.2Metal1010010
STA4510 410027Grinding16Metal1375025
STA4520 310027Grinding/ Cutting16Metal1520025
STA4520FA 2.51001Cutting16Metal1520025
STA4522 312527Grinding/ Cutting22.2Metal1220025
STA4522FA 2.51251Cutting22.2Metal1220025
STA4523 315027Grinding/ Cutting22.2Metal1010010
STA4523FA 2.51501Cutting22.2Metal1010010
STA4524 318027Grinding/ Cutting22.2Metal850010
STA4524FA 2.51801Cutting22.2Metal850010
STA8011R 33501Cutting25.4Metal387510
STA8012R 34001Cutting25.4Metal344010
STA8050 1.61001Cutting16Stainless Steel1520025
STA8060 1.21051Cutting16Stainless Steel1520025