Features & Benefits

  • Demolition work in Concrete, Stone Floor and Wall Tiles
  • Heavy-duty chiseling
  • Restoration of joints in Masonry and Concrete
SKU Size (mm)ShankShape
STA54401 14x250SDS+Point
STA54406 14x250x20SDS+Flat 20 mm
STA54411 14x250x40SDS+Flat 40 mm
STA54416 18x300SDS MAXPoint
STA54421 18x400SDS MAXPoint
STA54426 18x300x25SDS MAXFlat 25 mm
STA54431 18x400x25SDS MAXFlat 25 mm
STA54436 18x400x50SDS MAXFlat 50 mm
STA54441 19x400HEXPoint
STA54446 19x600HEXPoint
STA54451 19x400x25HEXFlat 25 mm
STA54456 19x600x25HEXFlat 25 mm
STA54466 19x300HEXPoint
STA54476 17x280x22HEXFlat 22 mm
STA54481 17x450x22HEXFlat 22 mm
STA54496 17x450HEXPoint
STA54501 17x280HEXPoint